Earn money online without investment for students

Earn money online without investment for students

We are all noticing the structural change around us, the transformation towards everything online. And in this time of the pandemic, it becomes difficult to earn through regular jobs. Now the question is how to earn money online in India?  And doing work from home is becoming a great thing, one can certainly switch to online jobs. There is nothing better than spending time on things and get the money back. And there are varieties of ways to earn online money. These online jobs are very beneficial for students and teenagers. These jobs not only increase your money but also polish your skills.

Different Ways to Earn money online without investment for students

  • Earn Money by making different Youtube videos

It is the way through which people make videos and post them on their channels on Youtube. And they get the amount on the basis of their viewers.  These videos can be of anything like teaching, cooking, baking, etc. This is the easiest way to earn money in India. Because people are fond of learning new things especially when they are sitting at home.

You have to make interesting and explanatory videos. When you made 10 videos, make your channels and upload your videos. And then struggle to increase your subscriber.

  • Transcriptionist

This job does not require much experience and training. Anybody who has a fast typing speed and a good listening capacity can do this. Because a transcriptionist actually convert speech into the text. No degree is required for transcription but in case of medical and other fields a proper degree is required. And one important thing is that you earn on per hour basis of audio so don’t waste time on one audio.

  • Social Media Strategist

He is the person who forms a strategy to maintain a particular company online as well as look after the digital marketing efforts of that company. And prove beneficial for the company to reach its customers. Companies having strong social media accounts have more consumers. Because teenagers are very active on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram in this era.  They advertise the products of the company. Salary is in this range Rs. 15000 to 40000.

  • Video Editor

People who are well familiar with apps like Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro can do this job. These are the software on which you can edit videos. It does not require any degree but the practice is required. You can earn a huge amount if you have good skills. It is the easiest way to earn money online in India. Don’t worry of you don’t know the editing just start editing with a regular practice of one month.

  • Graphic Designer

Another easiest way to earn money by sitting at your home. And you can earn a lot of money in a little time. You need to just have a laptop and editing software. The one who is interesting in cartoon sketching and animation and other editing is fond of this job.

There are many skills that a graphic designer should have;

  • Creativity is the most important part of graphic design.
  • Giving presentations

The average salary of a graphic designer is in this range of Rs 20,000 per month.

  • Online Tutoring Job

In this pandemic, almost all classes have become online. So there is a best chance to earn money by giving lectures to the students. And you do not need to leave your home and can take your classes through apps like zoom, Google meets, etc. But before delivering lectures you have to register yourself with a website that makes you able to interact with the students and allow you to teach them. And must upload your transcript as proof that you are an efficient teacher. And you can give your answer and getting money for your answer.

You can easily earn 7000 to 30000 per month.

  • Freelance Writing

It is the dream of every writer that he can write according to his taste. Freelancers have different clients and keep doing work according to the demands of their clients.  You can select time according to your ease and can choose your expertise. And it is the best way for teenagers to earn money but only those who are efficient in writing. But never dis hurt your client and never broke their trust and keep the deadline of work in your mind. There are many contents and articles that pay good money if you are good at writing.

  • Create Online Shop

There are several ways to create a shop like through websites, links, and your social media accounts. If you have the skills to make things at home then make an exhibition of them.  You can sell your artwork to others at a reasonable price. The advantage of this exhibition is that people who like your work give orders to you and you have to make things for them. The best way is to register yourself on Amazon and your things are showed on the portals of amazon. It does not matter where you are; you can earn Rs 5000- 20000 based upon your artwork.


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